This extensive 2 month course will give you the tools and strategies to navigate the challenging but beautiful season of life with littles with peace and purpose

By the end of this programme you will have:

  • Defined A clear vision for your family and a strategy to implement your tribe’s unique values in day to day life


  • Cultivated a positive Mom-mindset and implemented practical tactics which allow you to maintain it on a daily basis. Yes, even on those days when you wonder if you will ever get this whole mom-thing right!
  • Developed some spectacular sensory strategies.  With a clear understanding of your brood’s unique sensory personalities and how they interact with each other, you will have made  simple changes for a smoother family life


  • Built sustainable healthy habits to nourish your family and move your body in the midst of the busyness of life with littles
    • You will have developed a step-by-step method to plan, shop for, prepare, and enjoy healthy family meals, even with little ones constantly in tow. I promise I will make this easy and fun and you won’t believe how much time and money you are going to save!
    • You will have generated a game-plan for how, when, where and with who you will move your body each week in a way that feels good to you and allows you to be consistent


  • Created an emotional first aid kit full of ways to cope with the emotional challenges of raising tiny humans!
    • Built emotional resilience in you and them
    • Learnt strategies for turning bad days around
    • Spent time doing activities that fulfil you as a woman not just a mom


  • Built a family culture which says this is us, this is who we are, this what we believe, this is what we do and this is how we have fun


  • Designed (and learned to maintain) a home environment that
    • aligns with your family’s values
    • aligns with your family’s sensory needs 
    • facilitates healthy habits
    • encourages joy
    • cultivates connection


  • Established a rhythm that feels functional and easy: less time on what needs to be done and more time on the things you want to be doing! 
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But above all else? 

You are going to have created a family life full of peace, purpose and joy. 

You will know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you are being intentional about making the most of this precious season with all its inevitable ups and downs. 


3 modules and 45 bite sized videos to help you define what matters most to you and then take consistent action to make it happen. Come back to specific lessons any time you need!



A 200 page workbook so you can easily refer back to what you have learnt and  personalise the strategies for you and your family


Be part of a vibrant community of action taking women just like you. Accountability is the key to sustainable progress and we are here to cheer you on

"This program aims to encourage intentional living and that is exactly what it has achieved for me. It has had a real impact on my thoughts, my habits, my relationships in line with my own personal values. I've been able to implement positive change and feel equipped to continue to do so. I'm using principles from the program in my work and home life and would recommend this course to anyone who is motivated to live an intentional life that reflects their own values! "


"I thoroughly recommend Mastermind your Motherhood. It is backed by excellent state of the art up to date OT theory, whilst at the same time packed full of down to earth practical pointers. It can be life changing in areas where you had not before considered changing. I thoroughly encourage you dip in and find out for yourself, small changes certainly can improve our well being.""


"With 5 children under 5, including a set of triplet babies, my time is precious and very limited. However, after quite a few major stressors had arisen last year, I knew I had to do something to survive what I had been going through. I wasn't sure I would have the time or interest to do Mastermind your Motherhood properly, but it was a lifeline and I decided to take it! Needless to say, I was awesomely surprised by it! The bite-sized information and challenge sessions were short enough to manage daily yet long enough to convey a wealth of knowledge and keep me interested. The homework was really easy to understand and do, however, it also served its purpose in pulling me into the course material and allowing me to make it practical and achievable in day-to-day living. Jess is a fantastic facilitator. Mastermind your motherhood was the best possible choice in a time of sorrow. Not only did it help me survive, it taught me how to LIVE again. I have already started recommending it to friends! "

Mom of 5 under 5

Your investment

For a one off payment of £197 pounds or 4 monthly payments of £67 You will have access to:
47 bite size videos
200+ page workbook
6 intimate group coaching sessions to guide and encourage you  Sign up before 22 October 2021 and your mom bestie joins you at no extra cost!    

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