Are you looking for a speaker for an upcoming women's or mom's event?

Jess loves nothing more than to encourage and inspire women.

Her talks are informed by her knowledge gained from 14 years of working as an occupational therapist in the field of mental health, as well as some of the challenges she has faced personally.  

Jess holds a bachelor of science degree in occupational therapy, a masters degree in occupational therapy in psychiatry,  is a certified EMDR (trauma therapy) practitioner, and a certified sensory intelligence practitioner.

For many years Jess worked in the field of addiction. This stirred her interest in the science of creating and maintaining healthy habits, the importance of robust coping skills and the impact of our sensory systems on our ability to self-soothe and function optimally. 

In 2014 Jess became a mom for the first time. She had lost her own mother almost exactly five years earlier to breast cancer. Her first child was born with complex medical needs and spent many months in and out of hospital. At 17 months old, her first child was fighting for his life in ICU when her second was born.  

In coming to terms with her own loss and trauma, and the day to day challenges of parenting tiny humans, Jess's focus turned to maternal mental health.     


 Topics she loves to talk about:


  • Survival strategies for moms of littles 
  • Sensory self-care: simple strategies to function at your best
  • The science of habit formation
  • Maintaining your identity in the midst of motherhood 
  • Intentional motherhood: creating a family culture in line with what matters most to you



Want Jess to speak at your event? 


"Jessica is a capable young woman, with much life experience from which she draws her facts, for speaking engagements. I have heard her speak to groups of women of various ages, on three occasions. She is articulate, quickly builds rapport with her listeners, and always imparts courage, hope and faith. "

Jean A'Bear

"We were privileged to have Jess speak at our recent Ladies Morning Tea. She authentically shared her personal story of faith and hope and her message to us was engaging, motivational, and thought provoking. We were touched by her warmth and passion embracing change in the form of nourishment in our lives. How we live, who we connect with, what we’re exposing ourselves to. Nourishment in relationships and looking for signs of life in our lives to move into a new season. Her presentation will be a highlight of any meeting. Thank you Jess! "

Beryl Trenam

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