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We are living in unprecedented times. As moms we are pretty used to doing it all, but now we are doing it all at once, in one place... with our kids home with us! We are all experiencing a lot of fear, but take courage, there is also hope.

We want to encourage you to thrive in this season.

To look back with pride at how you cared despite the fear, how you coped, despite the uncertainty, and how something that seemed totally overwhelming, became a season for you and your family to connect deeply like never before, and make memories you won't soon forget. 

Using our varied professional backgrounds as occupational therapists, physios, psychologists, coaches, and our shared faith in God, we want to bring you hope and some really practical ways to flourish in this tremendously trying time.  

This summit was live from 29 March till 4 April 2020.

The FREE replay was up until the 12 April. 

But it's not too late!

If you would like to keep the lessons forever

(Or if you didn't get to them all before 11 April),

you can make a donation to

Action in Isolation 

and we will send you login information so you can watch as many times as you want! 

Action in Isolation is a fantastic charity working to feed the most vulnerable members of our society, children in rural villages in the KZN midlands, and they need our help!

What do you have to do to join us? Simply sign up below, email proof of your donation to [email protected] and I will send you course login details

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Jess is an occupational therapist specialised in mental health, a qualified EMDR practitioner and a sensory intelligence practitioner and coach. She runs online courses helping moms to manage their humans, organise their space and plan their time. 

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Caitlyn has a background in psychology and now works as a coach for moms. She is passionate about helping moms to know and love themselves. She has coached over 400 people from around the world.   

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Lara is an occupational therapist, certified life coach, the founder of Nanny n me, which has has trained over 4000 nannies how to engage in developmentally stimulating play, and co-founder of Playsense. Lara knows play!

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Originally from South Africa, Nerine is a brand manager turned personal stylist. As an expat, she’s lived in more than three countries and understands the challenges of adapting to new climates & cultures.
Her passion is to inspire women and set them free from the frustration of not
knowing what to wear.

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Christy Ann is a physiotherapist and certified body coach who teaches moms how to nourish themselves, move their bodies and understand the intersection between mental and physical health. 

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Jo is an educational psychologist who runs a private practice and also hosts training courses to educate parents and teachers on various topic including how to help children manage their anxiety.   


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Celeste wears many different hats every day. She is mum to five beautiful blessings; she is also a triplet-mum and an additional needs mum. She is a minister's wife. A stay at home mum. A blogger ( and a writer. In between all of that and above all of that, she is a passionate believer in and follower of Christ. Celeste knows a thing or two about coping in chaos 

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The replays will be available for FREE until the 11 April 2020.

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2. Make a donation of R100 or more to Action in Isolation, which is a Feeding Scheme to help some of the kids hardest hit by this economic crisis.  

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