To the mom next to her child’s hospital bed, here are five strategies to soothe yourself so you can soothe your little one

hospital motherhood nicu Jan 16, 2019

To the mom next to her child’s hospital bed, 

I see you sitting there, your eyes fixed on the tracing lines, your back aching from leaning over the cot,  your ears buzzing with the incessant beeps of the monitors. I know what its like to be unable to pick up your child because there are tubes and needles everywhere you look. I know what its like to be transfixed by oxygen saturation levels and heart rates and the tempo of his breathing. 

Maybe this is your first time in hospital. Maybe you have a newborn baby and nothing went to plan and you find yourself in the NICU; or maybe you are a veteran, a mom who has done this many times before. Maybe this will be a brief stay, or maybe you will be here for a long time. 

I have spent more days than I care to remember in hospital with my little boy. My first two Mother’s days and my first two Easters as a mom were spent beside his ICU bed. In fact, as I write this I’m sitting next to yet another...

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