The wonderful everyday: How to hold on to the joy of today, even in the midst of a difficult season

joy wonderful everyday Feb 21, 2019

A few years ago Ikea had a campaign called “The wonderful everyday.” That phrase really struck me and lodged itself in my subconscious. 

I love to write about creating the life you want. I am interested in how we can continuously improve our habits to take our heads, hearts, homes and health towards where we want them to be. But I also don’t want to be so focussed on the life I’m trying to create that I forget to pay attention to the one I have right now. 

At the end  of this post I will give you some ideas about how to find the treasures hidden in your wonderful everyday. You can also download this FREE pdf with journal prompts to help you apply the suggestions.

A couple of years ago a video recording surfaced of my husband’s family from his childhood. In fact it was quite miraculous how we got hold of it. As part of his retirement package, my father-in-law’s colleague had received the company video recorder. The same one my...

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