Social media addiction: what could a facebook fast do for you?

social media addiction May 23, 2018

What I learnt from fasting from Facebook for the month of January.

Towards the end of last year we had a bit of a challenging season in our household. It is not the first or even the worst (or the last I’m sure) but towards the end of December I was feeling pretty low. One or both of my little boys had been sick almost constantly since October. Combining a child with serious breathing problems and living in a rural area with poor access to hospitals is a recipe for chronic anxiety. Sleep became a rare and precious commodity. Combined with this we were waiting for news of a job my husband had applied for which would take us to the town where we are building our new house. At the time we lived two hours away and were really hoping we wouldn't have to rent out our new dream house before we ever had the chance to live there. With all of this going on I found myself constantly wanting to distract from my restless and anxious feelings. Two things that I routinely turn to when...

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